Hows it fishing-Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery

As from March we will be back to summer opening times 7am to dusk. Remember a bad day's fishing is still better than a good day at work.

Hows it fishing


Sorry due to work commitments I have missed some updates.
Llyn Carfan bottom lake has produced another three of the large grass carp during August.  Graham Kent it weighed in at 23 lb 12 oz.
The other two were slightly smaller at around 22 lb. The second one taken during a Pembrokeshire Piscatorial match when their newest
and youngest member Reece took it on a pole.
The top lake has also produced a smaller grass carp at 16 lbs plus some commons to 14 lb.

Llyn Carfan fishing is very good with good bags of silver fish being caught with some roach
to specimen size being taken on floating dog biscuit.
Carp are continuing to take baits closer to the margins with pellet and meat being favourite baits.
A grass carp of 22 lb was recently caught . Neil Roberts from Pembroke Dock caught it on a floating bait.
I am waiting a photograph from John how ever the grass carp below was 23lb and caught by Nick three years ago. 2_Nick_Pritchard_23lbs


Both lakes continue to fish well. Night fishing on the bottm lake proved very successful for a
visiting angler from England. Camping with his family he took advantage of being able to
pitch along side the bottom lake to take several carp to 11 pounds . As he choose to fish close to the lilies
he also failed to land several more.
The quality and size of the roach have also been commented on this summer.

The fishing at Llyn Carfan is great again at the moment.
The recent thunder storm seems to have made the carp active again although
I think we could still do with a period of warm sunny weather to really bring them on.

The top lake continues to be slower than usual due to the Goosander vi sting last winter.
They cleared almost all of the smaller silver fish although this might not be a bad thing as it will bring
the carp and bigger Roach and Rudd.

Camping and touring van pitches available for the summer months.

The final of the FBM Holidays coarse fishing competition took place at Llyn Carfan on Sunday 3rd July 2011.
A bright and sunny day greeted the 15 anglers who had won through via the previous rounds during June.
After tea,coffee,bacon and sausage rolls the draw for pegs took place at 8.30 am.
With an hour a half to get to their pegs and set up the contest started at 10 AM.
Some concentrated on the fisheries big carp while others went for silver fish.
It was interested to see how tactics changed during the day where the silver fish brigade
tried for the carp having seen the angler on next peg or opposite take one or two.
Obviously thinking they needed to also catch some to increase their weights.
Where as others who started with the carp and were finding the sunny conditions a
challenge changed tact to try and catch roach and rudd .
At the final whistle Ian Heaps dropped a good size carp and had a tense wait to see if
that was the fish that lost him the competition.
The weigh in showed the catches were indeed very close with pegs two to five having less than a kilo separating them.
The eventual winner of £400.00 and the LLyn Carfan Pembrokeshire Fish week trophy was ex world champion
Mr Ian Heaps with a weight 11.3 kg Winning (Ian also has his own school of angling in Pembrokeshire).
2nd £200.00 place went to last years winner major Chris Kidd winning .
Third and £100.00 went to Kevin Abbot with 10 kg Winning £100.00.
Fourth was Jonathan Davies with 9.9 kg . ( Johnathan was second last year.)
LLyn Carfan wishes to thank FBM Holidays and Pembrokeshire fish week for their continuing support for the competition.

26.06.2011 The fourth heat of the FBM Coarse Fishing Championship to place at Llyn Carfan.
The fishing was tough and most anglers decided that they would fish for carp only.
Although there was plenty of carp movement on the water they were not taking
any of the baits offered.
Kevin Abbot had decided to mix his bag and it proved to be worth while 
landing 6.5 kilos

This proved enough on the day to win the heat.
He will now go through to Sundays final along with Chris Watts and James Young
who came second and third respectively.

LLyn Carfan will be holding a final 3 hour heat on Thursday evening,
peg draw at 5 pm and start fishing at 6 pm. Call 01994240819 if you
wish to enter and be in with a chance of winning the £750.00 cash prizes.

First £400. 2nd £200 3rd £100.00 and 4th will take £50.00

The third heat of the FBM Coarse Fishing Championship to place at Llyn Carfan today. Ian heaps took top weight with 16.5 kilos with a mixed bag of silvers and carp. He drew peg 3 where he soon set about taking roach and rudd as the 5 hour match progressed Ian started to land some carp taking his very last carp as the end of match whistle sounded. As per the rules he was allowed 15 minutes to land the fish. He learned to his cost earlier that these carp cannot be bullied and used this extra time to his advantage quietly playing the fish in. That final fish gave Ian first place on the day just ahead of Jonathan Davies on 14.4 kilos and Chris Harrison on 12.2 kilos. All three had failed to progress in earlier heats, but are now through to the final on July 3rd.
There is only one more heat next Sunday 26.06.2011. Although it has been suggested that we add an extra evening heat in mid week around June 30th to give some of the best runners up in the heats a chance to fish of for a place in the final. If there is enough interest this may happen.

The second heat of the FBM Coarse Fishing Championship took place at Llyn Carfan today. Kevin Roberts who took 11.2 kilos mixed bag off peg 5 to win the heat. He will go through to the final along with Peter Edwards and Steve Harrison who tied for second place on 10.5 kilos. Steve's bag was all silver fish. the match was fished in on a day where autumn had returned to Pembrokeshire very heavy rain with a cold winds. All three will fish the Final and £750.prize money on July 3rd 2011. There are two heats left for anyone wishing to try their luck.

Sunday's opening heat of the FBM Coarse Fishing Championship
The 6 hour match proved to be challenging with some match fishermen of note struggling to come to terms with the depth and layout of the water.
The day started with the hosts providing tea coffee and bacon and sausage baps ( at a very reasonable price). the peg draw took place at 8.30 am which allowed the competitors and hour and a half to set up on their pegs for the 5 hour match.
A number of the anglers had been used to fishing matches on easier waters which have been specifically designed for matches. However at Pembrokeshire coarse fishery where the original carp were stocked over 25 years ago and go up to 30 pounds. It's natural breeding cycle has produced numerous fish but they are also very cautious fish.On days like this a change of tactics are needed which is exactly what the eventual winner Chris Kidd did to produce his 17.8 kilo bag of carp, Mark Close was runner up with a fine bag of silver fish at 7.7 kilo, third was Tim Peters with a mixed bag at 5.2 kilos.
All three will now compete the final for the £750 prize money on offer Sunday July 3rd.

There are still places available for the next three heats book now!

Up date on road it is now fully open from both directions.

At last it the road is open from the Whitland end. Also the up grading access work at the fishery has been completed .
The fishing is very good with the carp being taken on a regular bases. They are also back on top which is a good sign. Barry James had a good day on the roach from the top lake recently. Good sizes but he did have to work quite hard to attract then in to his swim.
The £750.00 FBM coarse fishing championship starts on Sunday June 5th at 9am, peg draw 8.15am
I runs every Sunday until the final on July 5th.



Work is now complete and it's angling as usual.

The council road works have also been suspended over the bank holiday and the road to us is opened from both Tavernspite and Whitland.
Take note though that on Tuesday 31st the road in from Whitland will be closed but opened from Tavernspite end.
On Wednesday 1st June onward for the rest of the week it will be open from Whitland end and closed from Tavernspite. It is scheduled to be finished by the end of that week when road will be open as usual.


To enable us to complete our access for all upgrade. We will be having the surface of the parking areas and access paths to and from the office, toilets and disabled pegs finished with tarmac on Thursday and possibly Friday of this week . (26.05.2011 and 27.05.2011). To ensure the safety of all our anglers, during this time this area will be closed to the public while the contractors carry out their work.
All anglers will need to park at the top lake. The bottom lake will only be open at the far bank and will only be reached by walking back from the top lake.
I am sorry for the inconvenience16.05.2011

Please note, the road from Tavernspite down to Llyn Carfan is now opened to traffic.However the road from Llyn Carfan towards Whitland is now closed . I suggest you take the road from Whitland up to Tavernspite, Go up through the village itself and at the very top where the last bungalow is, turn right and follow signs down to Llyn Carfan. At the chapel take a right and ignore the diversion sign .
We are only 200yds down the road

I though I would share the following with you all. It is from a fishing group I belong which is world wide. This is an abstract taken from an Australian angler. Carp anglers read it and weep.
"Yes I do fish for Carp there are some monsters here,your not allowed to return them back to the water otherwise you get fined. They make fertilizer from them and also ground bait.Described as a pest by the Australian Government they will destroy and takeover fragile environments.Carp can be fun they put up an initial struggle then drag them to the bank,as a matter of fact when the weather gets better me and some friends are going carp fishing will post photos."


The carp have taken to deeper water again during the last week or so. I put this down to heavy weather which always puts fish down in the water.
It is difficult to give an accurate report on how it's fishing as angler numbers have dropped off since the bank holiday. Those who have fished some are catching  on a regular basis others have drawn blanks on the carp. Silver fish on the bottom lake are taking readily and to a very decent size.
Funny story of the week when an angler caught a very big eel , he claimed it was over 2 feet in length.
It gave him such a shock that he felt he had to come over to the bungalow and report it to me. He could not stress enough how glad he was that it fell of the hook and he did not have to handle it.


Another good week on both lakes.
A party of five who fish Llyn Carfan for a week at the end of April every year, were delighted with both the fine weather and quantity of fish caught. Each day they all landed many carp of various sizes to 13 lb. They had an added bonus this year by having an early breakfast prepared for them at the fishery.
Mr J Sam took a 20 lb grass carp from the bottom lake on Friday evening this was his best effort for the night. Mr Sam and his father are on a weekend stint at the fishery. Judging by they way its gone up to now (sat dinner time) they are going to have a great weekend.
Sue Brumby staying with her family at the fishery in her touring caravan continues to catch carp here on a regular basis. This week she decided to fish the top lake where previously had failed to catch carp. This week however on the first session she took 4 to nine pounds.
Please note, the road from Tavernspite down to Llyn Carfan will be closed for resurfacing from May 3rd 2011. I cannot give any time limit for the work, but suggest you take the road from Tavernspite down to Whitland and after passing Riverlea Tractors on your left you travel on for about 600 metres and then turn left into Velfrey Road heading towards Lampeter Velfrey. Travel along this road for 1.25 miles and your will see our sign (Llyn Carfan Coarse fishery) on your left. take the left and we are one mile along on your left hand side.

The warm weather has continued as has the good catches. Carp are showing up well on both lakes. Brian took a 15 lb carp last Saturday morning. I believe it was on pellet on the bottom at least that was the method he was using when I spoke to him. Barry Avery also had several good days on bottom lake taking a variety of fish with a very light pole. He took care to plumb the depth carefully and while using a light float and small pellet took great bags of roach up to 2 and a quarter pound. he also landed several small carp using the same method.
The top lake is producing carp but struggling on the roach and rudd. I put this down to the visiting Gooseanders during he winter.  Although on the positve side carp fisheren should benefit from the smaller roach being taken.

The warm weather has certainly brought the carp to the surface. You now seeing them actively seeking feed in all areas of both lakes.  In the last week anglers have been reporting catches up to a dozen fish each. John a regular from Whitland took advantage of not having his son with him to take a dozen fish. Using the top with bread as his main tactic, his biggest was just over 10 lbs.

I will be banning floating baits on the areas around the Lilly pads this summer. This is because even though I have told people to keep the floaters at least 2 metres away they continue to drop the bait in amongst the lilies resulting in damaged fish and lilies beds.

Silver fish are also showing well with good bags being reported.

Some good fishing lately with plenty of carp being caught.
Dave and Vince had a cracking night session taking 1 carp to 11lbs. They were having a night day session as practise before their week long trip to France.
Aled and Liam also enjoyed a couple of hours fishing where Aled caught a carp his first since he was very young. Maybe it will get him back into fishing.


The recent sunny days have got the fish moving in  the water. Carp have been basking in the warm afternoon sun. Anglers are taking fish from the bottom with the carp caught on bread paste and luncheon meat. Silver fish are plentiful using maggots and sweetcorn.


The weekend proved productive for the anglers who ventured out. A Liverpool family who used the electric hook ups to  stayed over the weekend. Had many carp, some to double figures. John a local angler on his first visit this year took five carp up to 7 pounds. They were taken on bread on the bottom. With the weather warming up now is a good time to dust off your tackle and give it a try. 


The weather has kept anglers away recently with the lakes again frozen this week. The week ahead promises a warmer week although some wind and rain promised for the mid week.  After the thaw from the December freeze the fish were active and looking for food so this week may be a good time to venture out and give it a try.


Dave and Vince had a very successful overnight stint during the last week. Taking 14 carp between them the heaviest weighing in at just over 10 lb.  They also took a few nice roach with a float rod.
Last Sunday Pembrokeshire Piscatorial Match went well considering we had a frost over night, enough to put a very thin layer of ice over the bottom lake. It was slow during the morning but picked up towards the afternoon. Winning weight was 6.2 kilos in the silver fish only match. Carp were caught but not weighed.


Both lakes are now producing fish both carp and silver fish. Anglers on the top lake
last weekend even had carp taking floating bread. I must say that due to the severity of the recent weather I was very surprised by this.  However they did manage to land three carp using this method. 

I am currently undertaking some work at the fishery and am looking for some volunteers. Under an agreement with the Environment Agency who wish to encourage a  diverse mix of people to become involved with environmental projects.  We aim to improve disability access and  clear and improve the feeder stream habitat, to enable monitoring  for native fish stock and stream life in general. This will be interesting work in a wonderful setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The work will involve something for everyone from manual labour to surveying the stream and surrounding area. It would also be of interest to  artists who could sketch,paint or take photographs. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this opportunity to gain some work experience, or just get away from your normal routine  please contact Huw John:-


Not much to report as both lakes are currently frozen over. There is some hope that by early next week there will be a thaw.

Dates for next years Pembrokeshire fish week and  FBM championship have now been agreed. The event will be held again at Pembrokeshire Coarse fishery. However the format will change slightly. The heats will now be help on a Sunday starting on the 5th June 2011 and will be held each Sunday the last heat being the 26th June. The final will be held on Sunday 3rd of July 2011.
It is possible we might add one evening heat during the week possibly on the Thursday 30th June. 

Prize fund will again be  £750.00

October into November
 and carp are still be in caught in good numbers. Although the large fish over 15 lbs are still very elusive although there are many reports of the big one that got away!

Dave,  a Pembroke Dock angler during his  first night fishing stint at the lakes produced nine carp to 11 lbs . Not bad for early November. The recent Pembrokeshire Piscatorial Match was won By Jonathan Davies who took a respectable 11 kilos  during the morning match.

 With visitor numbers dropping off as the summer comes to end the lakes are quieter than usual. The water is also cooling resulting in the carp being taken from deeper water.  The top lake  is more challenging although those who do venture up there are reporting good catches.
This is also the time of year where big carp, are normally landed, I put this down to the fish starting to feed up ready for winter. Also that there is less natural feed in the water so they tend to seek out artificial baits


LLyn Carfan continues to fish well with a number of carp to double figures being caught. Mr Adshead took pride of place over the last week with 25 lb grass carp.(see picture section). He took it off the top and close in with  slow sinking bait. having previously struggled to land the fish he caught the grass carp certainly made his week.
I had a report of a 4 lb tench from the top lake the first I have heard of this year. Although as most people fish for carp on that lake it is not surprising that the tench get missed.
We are also getting a number of very large roach and rudd caught, mostly on carp baits although those who choose to pleasure fish for the silver fish are also reporting excellent catches.
We still have a couple of spaces for touring caravans over the August bank holiday.

I have just loaded to the picture section some new pictures of valleys girl.
 She and her husband visited again today 
 and gave me an update on their previous visit a few days ago. John had caught five small carp and Valleys girl none. That all changed as the day wore on when she took the three carp pictured in a space of 35 minutes. These were taken on a small pole with a short line fishing close in
to a bed of reeds.

The other interesting news this week was when a visiting angler informed me that on their last visit his son had taken a 16 pound carp from the top lake. Nothing unusual in that. However he then sent the picture of the catch to an angling magazine competition and won loads of free fishing  gear. 
I hope to have a copy of the picture in the not to distant future.

Both lakes continue to fish well with numerous carp  between 4  to 9 lb. The larger fish are not being landed as often although we do have many reports of the one that got away.
Graham our regular Saturday morning angler was very pleased with the 14.3oz common he took this morning. 
Best results of the week must go to a father and son team who were in the area on holiday they  managed 27 carp between them on the bottom lake.
 Most excited angler of the week must go to Sue who has a caravan on one of our pitches. She took a eleven pound common on dog biscuit . I have placed a picture in the picture gallery but you would have thought she could look a little more pleased about it!

Roach and Rudd are also taking well with good size fish being reported.


The fishing at Pembrokeshire coarse fishery at the moment is excellent. Carp are being caught in good numbers with an average weight of 7 lbs
. Although a few have been near 20lbs. And they are the ones landed as several people are being broken or caught out by the lilly  beds. This is usually because they fish to close to them and have no chance at all to take the fish obviously will dart into the beds for cover .
Roach and rudd are also plentiful with some really good quality fish amongst the  catches.


Excellent fishing with both lakes giving good returns.
Susan an angler who has a caravan on out touring pitch took 11 carp during Sunday afternoon. The biggest was being 8 lbs.
Dave from Liverpool who took advantage of the fine weather to spend the last three  days here caught carp continuously during his stay. His boys also had a fantastic time  with the youngest an 8 year old taking a nine pound carp as his first ever fish.
Various methods are working  pellet to the margins and floating baits being the favourite at the moment.
Beware of using  maggots at this time of year as it can lead to being pestered by small roach. That said feeding a swim and then fishing with heavier bait a little further away can bring some good results.
We have the FBM holiday coarse championship here this week. This is part of the Pembrokeshire Fish week programme, there are still places available if you wish to try it. Total prize money £750.00.
Contact me on 01994240819 if you wish to book in. More details on


FBM Holidays Pembrokeshire Fish Week

Coarse Fishing Championship.


The Pembrokeshire Fishweek FBM Holidays Coarse Fishing Championship Heats were very successful. Starting on Monday, the first 3 hour heat,Jonathan Davies had a top weight of 28lbs 10oz from peg 11 on the bottom lake. It was no surprise as Jonathan (aka Rimmer) had been out practising and setting up rigs the weekend before!

Tuesday evening fished well with joint winners on pegs 5 and 6. Chris Harrison on peg 5 bagged 23lbs and Dave Allen on 6 equaled his weight exactly.

Friday night`s match, on the top lake,proved far more challenging with some anglers failing to catch anything.This may have been because some persisted for the carp alone hoping that the one large one would give a huge advantage over the silver fish.The nights eventual winner was Chris Kidd with 10.8ozs

Over the week 13 anglers qualified to battle it out for the Saturday's 5 hour final to win a trophy and £750.00 prize money.


The conclusion of the FBM Holidays Coarse Fishing Championship which was run as part of the Pembrokeshire Fish Week took place on Saturday 3rd July, 2010 at Llyn Carfan Coarse Fishery,Tavernspite.

As one of the finalists were unable to make it 12 anglers drew for pegs at 9.30am. This allowed one hour to set up their equipment on their pegs before the 10.30a.m. start.

The anglers appreciated that the pegs were deliberately spaced out for this competition.This allowed the anglers a chance to fish for the bigger carp without worrying about the fish running through the next competitors swim.

There was an exciting start with the first carp actually caught within a minute of the whistle. All anglers continued to catch all day using various methods from poles to rodsusing floats or feeders. It was interesting to watch the anglers change tactics as the hours passed. When fishing for the roach that were further out went quiet,pre fed margins were tried for that elusive large carp. Jonathan Davies used this to great effect when he took the biggest carp of the day the only double figure fish taken. That fish certainly helped him gain the runners up spot.

Peg 6 took the top prize on Saturday and had also produced the winner on Tuesday evening. Interesting then, that on Monday, it blanked completely!

Complimentary refreshments were provided by Llyn Carfan and that along with the fine weather resulted in a relaxed and enjoyable competition.

The winners were:

1st Prize of £400.00 plus trophy went to Chris Kidd from Hook who drew peg 6. He weighed in 34lbs 13oz, a mixed bag of carp and silver fish. Chris also won Friday evening match with 10lb 8oz bag from the top lake.

Second place and £200.00 went to Jonathan Davies from Cross Hands on peg 7 with 18lb 6oz he took home £200.00. Jonathan won the Monday night bottom lake match from peg 11

Third prize £100.00 went to Dave Allen on peg 12 with 18lb 1oz. Dave qualified on Tuesday evening with a joint top weight of 23lbs from Peg 6

Fourth prize £50.00 went to Mike Hanson from Hinckley. Mike and his son Lee both qualified from the Friday night match