How's it fishing 2024-Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery

Happy New Year. The shorter winter days , our opening hours will be 8am until dusk. Remember a bad day's fishing is still better than a good day at work.

How's it fishing 2024


A quiet start to the year although the fishing in between storms and the frosty weather has been ok.  Clear water has made life a little more difficult and lighter tackle has been the better option. The pembrokeshire Piscatorial match that was scheduled for the 21st January did not happen, not sure why but I assume the weather forecast for heavy rain and wind later in the day had put some of the anglers off venturing out.  Whilst we are on the point of match fishing!  We have now decided that the next leauge match on the 25th of February will be the last match at the fishery and we will no longer be hosting fishing matches. There are several reasons for this decision and it has always been difficult to balance the day anglers who we turn away on match days and the clubs who use it for matches. 
Couple of interesting things from the begining of the year a very young angler just 9 years old caught a carp on a floating dog biscuit during one of the sunny days in early January.  He and his bother were fishing at the far end of the bottom lake, as I was walking over to see them I notice several carp had come up in the water along the concrete road  area, no doubt enjoying the midday sun on the water. I mentioned this to them and they decided to go and try for them while I continue to chat to their grand father. It took less than five minutes for the carp to take the bait.
Later in the month ,Geoff, who came to target silvers was surprised to catch a tench this early in the year. It was considerably bigger than the one pictured which is one caught last summer.
Finally over the winter I have enjoyed putting some tit bits out for the hawks. The picture below is a buzzard enjoying the remains of our Sunday lunch leg of lamb. The kite has also been tepmpted down to pick up bits much to the annoyance of the crows.  As I keep saying, sitting on the bank fishing is not always about catching fish.
I hope to see you all soon.