Fishery Rules-Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery

Ga i ddymuno Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi. May we wish you all a Happy New Year. The Next Match will be Pembrokeshire Piscatorial league will be on Sunday January 16th 2022 Bottom Lake.

Fishery Rules

General Rules,
We try not to make to many rules, you are after all coming out for a relaxing day's fishing.
 If we find we need to we will change or add to them we will do so, and any amendments will need to be adhered to. 

Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions in place we will not be providing litter bins for the foreseeable furture. Please ensure you take all your litter home with you.

It is advisable to check when entering the fishery if you have any doubt or baits you are not to sure about.

Barbless hooks.

A complete ban on boilies. 

No straight through braid , you must have braid to nylon or nylon to braid.

Maximum two rods per person only.

Children Under 14 paying child rates are limited to 1 rod.

Keep nets are only use in matches.

All fish to be returned as quickly as possible.

Carp anglers should have unhooking mats, if these are unavailable  then you should walk to the field area before laying the fish on the banks. Rather than place then on any hard surface or stones.

We do allow  surface fishing but no floating baits are allowed on or around the lily beds.