Hows it Fishing 2019-Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery

Hows it Fishing 2019



The fishing has been excellent over the last few weeks carp are feeding well and  the silvers are plentiful. Maggots are an useful bait to have but be warned, during the recent hot summer weather they can also attract shoals of the smaller fish into the swim. This is not a bad thing as the larger roach, rudd and carp will also follow but you will need to use bigger and possibly a harder bait to avoid the small ones getting to it first.
The pictures are of Charlie on a visit from London to visit his Granddad having another excellent day at the fishery.
Best carp from the last couple of weeks was caught by Dave on a night stint who took a common of 19lbs +
There will be a Pembrokeshire Piscatorial match on the bottom lake this Sunday 21st July . Top lake will be open to the public as normal.




Excellent fishing over the past two weeks with plenty of carp being caught. Marc who did a couple of 24 hour stints was kept busy all night on both occasions , his largest carp was 13.5 lbs and as these are genuine wild carp he had a battle on his hands to land it. As normal at thsi fishery the roach and rudd are plentiful with some very decent size fish being caught. Perch are now beng l;anded on teh top lake of 2.5lb plus.
If your staying in the south of Pembrokeshire and require some bait or additional tackle J&Ms tackle at Pembroke Dock will be able to sort you out. 



A night fishing session was successful for two recent anglers with a busy night 17 carp in total. Given that the weather was not behaving and they had heavy rain through most of the night, the tactic of feeding an area earlier in the evening and using a mixture of hook baits , certainly worked on this occasion.  Other anglers are reporting good fishing, all are impressed with the quailty and fight these naturally bred wild carp are producing. 

A recent report placed on Facebook by Brett who fished a recent Pembrokeshire Piscatorial club Match at this venue.
Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery today for a club match
Drew peg 4, not bad peg water in front of me bank either side of me and slope behind so thought it best to fish in the water, it did look like that's where the fish will be.
I set up 3 lines.
1.Asda washing line and Sainsbury's bent pin no 6 hook
2. Some other line with a bent metal thing
3. Definitely more rope with size summit hook.
I started off slow rain was pouring wind was blowing fish were swimming just nowhere near my bait. So I decided to go with the Asda washing line and bent pin on the inside where  I pretty much caught all my swimmy things giving me a total of
11kg 4g and  2nd place and in the money (yes Chris Kidd you heard right 2nd)
One thing I will say is DO NOT USE MIDY HIVIZ LINE ITS SHIT lost 2 floats and good fish because of snap ups.
(Huw say's, to be fair we do have hard fighting wild carp here so maybe it was not the line but decent fish?)

Although angling is not all about catching fish or competitions.The natural surroundings and additional wildlife and bird song can also be enjoyed and is something this fishery has in abundance. Watching a busy bee enjoying feeding from a foxglove is a true moment of mindfulness.




he Fishing over the past month has been very good on the whole with good numbers of carp being caught up to 15lbs. Plenty of silvers showing where large bags could be produced. What has been far more temperamental with practically every season rolled into the month, well ok it did not snow but!
Carp are starting to spawn but that did not stop Trish catching 25 on Saturday during fairly warm sunny conditions. Some were taken on floating dog biscuit others using a float with not to much weight attached just enough to cock the float and sink the bait . The woodland is looking at it's best with blue bells in full bloom and lots of bird song to admire.


The Pembrokeshire Piscatorial match anglers braved a very cold wind here today, but their efforts were well rewarded with over a 100 kilos of fish caught by just 6 anglers. Jonathan led the way with 34. kilos Ken pushed him hard with just under 30 kilos. As usual, all the fish were in excellent condition and were still feeding and being caught right up to the end of the match.




Early spring has encouraged the fish to feed and all species are being caught in good numbers. Malcolm and Spence down from Liverpool for a few days had a brilliant first day over 20 wild carp between them, up to 12lbs. Colin caught this lovely perch from the bottom lake on Friday. The gentleman in the photograph with the carp caught four within the first 90 minutes of his first visit here this being one of the smaller ones. I think he will be back.


The Pembrokeshire Piscatorioal  match that was postponed due to the weather  last week will be held this Sunday 100th March 2019, usual format those who are not fishing the match please use the top lake.
The carp are feeding well at the moment plenty of movment in the water so hopefully  Sunday match anglers will have a great day.


t was a good day for two Swansea anglers. The both caught a double figure carp each withing the first hour of their Sunday session. The fishing remained good throughout the day, switching between using a pole and then a ledger rod while using a variety of baits paid dividends and both ended up with over 60lb of fish each.

Happy New year all. Some good fishing at the moment. Weather has been kind to us over the festive season. All species of fish being caught and the wayward perch who found their way into the top lake are certainly putting on the weight a few have been caught recently at 2.5lbs . Next Pembrokeshire Piscatorial Match will be on Sunday 20th
Also some interesing wild life about at this time of year!