Hows it Fishing 2019-Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery

As from March we will be back to summer opening times 7am to dusk. Remember a bad day's fishing is still better than a good day at work.

Hows it Fishing 2019/20


Sorry, due to latest Welsh Government restrictions we will be closing until further notice . We will re-open as soon as the powers that be deem it safe to do so.
Please keep safe and hopefully we will see you in the New Year.

The match was fished in difficult conditions by some very hardy anglers, as they finished early I did not get the weights but was told that only carp were caught and surprisingly no silvers.
Naturally it is a quiet time of year so not a lot else to report except to say carp continue to feed.
Please keep an eye on this website and  facebook page were we will publish any new information on Wales wide Covid Restrictions, currently it looks as if we maybe closed as from the 28th December for at least 3 weeks. 

We would like to wish all our anglers and families a safe and Happy Christmas.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, arhoswch yn ddiogel a gobeithiwn eich gweld chi i gyd eto y flwyddyn nesaf.

A Pembrokeshire Piscatorial Match will be held on Sunday 15th November bottom lake between
9am and 4pm  . All other anglers please use the top lake.

Subject to there being no change in the Welsh government advice on Covid 19 restrictions.
We shall RE_OPEN on Monday 9th November. Please remember the virus is still active and sensible precautions should be taken.
1. Use the hand sanitiser provided before and after entering the toilets.
2. Maintain social distancing from other fellow anglers who are not in your social bubble.
3. Correct payment in clear plastic bag no change will be given. Or use PayPal
All rubbish must be taken home with you, no bins will be provided for the foreseeable future.
Open hours 7.30 am until dusk.


Sorry to announce but after this week and due to the new Welsh Senedd Government Covid 19 restrictions the fishery will be closed from from Saturday 24th October until at least November the 9th 2020. Thank you for you custom throughout the summer and as soon as these restrictions are amended or lifted we shall re-open.

Prior to this announcement being made the fishing was going well, with plenty of fish being caught (and lost) carp in particular are fighting hard which is giving the angler plenty of good sport.
The trout has been landed at least twice since my last report, is the same one? Who knows!
Stay safe all.

September has been mixed month some excellent catches but also some days where the carp did not come on the feed until later in the day. Jim a regular at the fishery has reported good catches taking nine carp per visit over his last two visits , he has also lost several more whcih ofcourse were the bigger ones!
Perch are being caught in numbers at the minute maybe at the expense of smaller roach and rudd. This may be a good thing long term but very fustrating when you have them feeding happily and a perch scatters them. 
A strange thing this past two weeks is the appearance of a rainbow trout. It is seen often and has been landed twice, where it has arrived from is a mystery.

Its been a busy few weeks at the fishery with some good catch reports also some disappoinments where theses hard fighting wild carp have won the day. We have managed to retrieve 3 rods with the help of my son and his kayak but unforutunately there are still at least two in the lake. I would urge anglers to take great care if not using bait runners and lets be fair there are many pleasure anglers who do not. It takes only a few seconds distraction for a carp, to take the rod in. There has also been a lot of fish lost to the lilly pads, anglers like to use them as a feature to fish against but again the carp will bolt straight in. 
The match on Sunday  6th September the first league match since lock down for the Pembrokeshire Piscatorials was tough going for the carp boys with the carp not feeding until early afternoon. However Keith Halpin on the silvers caught consistently and won the match with a bag of just under 15 kilos. Several anglers mentioned hooking bigger carp but were unable to land the fish.
Pictured is the top carp bag with 12 kilos along with a random bag of silvers and a bag showing couple of quality carp.



Some stunning fish being caught at all week. The weather has played it's part with the bigger carp basking most of the day but feeding early evening onwards. There have also been some excellent quality large roach and rudd showing. To catch these you will need larger hook bait as the small silvers are also very active in the warn weather.
Pictures is Sue with her prized catch from her Sunday session and Garry getting a taste for the carp on his first visit to the fishery.




Flynn with his prized catch this beauty of a common carp taken with a pellet during a very wet evening session. He and his dad are regular visitors to the fishery and they never leave without catching a few few decent fish. They try various methods and usually alternate between float and ledge. They have also had some good results using a fly rod. Generally the fishing is good with some very decent perch showing and plenty of mid size carp to 10lbs, these should not be dismissed as a 10lb wild carp will certainly give you a run for your money. Big bags of roach and rudd can be caught with some very large fish up to 2lbs amongst them if you vary the bait.


It has been a busy month with plenty of anglers needing to get out after the long lockdown period.  The fishing is brilliant and no one leaves without catching something be it dedicated carp men, silvers or perch for the match anglers or a good mixture of both for the pleasure angler.
We are now able to open for the touring caravans but still unable to allow camping of any sort that includes using a bivvy for night fishing. Hopefully this will change at the end of the month or early in August.
Recently Mathew has caught a big perch and another 13lb carp from top lake both fish in excellent condition. Pictured is Trevor with a lovely common from the bottom lake.

Some great fishing here over the last two weeks since my last update. The bottom lake continues to fish well and as far as I am aware no angler has blanked although some make harder work of it than others. The top lake is more challenging although it is difficult to know why. There are plenty of carp swimming around but are very reluctant to take bait. It could be that the water is very clear and they see the line or simply that they are haveing plenty of natural feed. The conditons on the fish would certainly suggest the latter. The positve side of it that when thay are caught they certainly put up a fantastic fight.  Silver fish are plentiful and there are now some quality perch being caught some are close to the 3lb mark.


Some fantastic fishing over the last week no doubt helped by the warm weather. There is evidence of the carp spawning but his is a bonus as they will feed readily in the days following spawning.


Good to see our local anglers can enjoy visiting again. There have been plenty of carp and silver caught recently with warm weather being a bonus. Paul and Dave each with just one of their day's catches.



We are open again
Please read the temporary new rules we have had to put in place to facilitate Government restrictions and keep you safe during your visit.

Thankfully fishing has resumed albeit for locals only. We have had anglers here this week and all have reported good catch rate. The silver fish are plentiful and mid size carp are being tempted in with pellets and luncheon meat. Waggler fishing seems to be working the best at the moment. The fish in the pictures below were taken on this very simple but effective method.

Just a couple of images to keep you all happy and eager to start angling again.






(We are currently closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We will update you as soon as we are open again.) 

The top lake fished well yesterday with plenty of Perch being caught by two anglers who had arrived with just a couple of telescopic rods. They were staying at Kiln Park Tenby and had decided to seek solace from the family and enjoy a few of hours fishing. They were certainly glad they did and enjoyed the first time experience at the fishery. The last hour was spent on the bottom lake where they caught several silvers the carp proved elusive on this occasion. The picture is an example of the quality perch from the top lake.

We presently remain open for fishing, we have changes the routine around the cleaning of the toilets and there is now paper hand drying towels in place of the normal hand towels we had before. We are also now disinfecting the toilets, taps etc several times a day.  If you are intending to visit please use common sense make sure the hand towels are deposited in the bins provided. Also and leave a space between you and your fellow anglers, avoid hand shakes with old friend etc. 


Sunday's match was won by Mark Close with a mixed bag of just over 8 kilos, Second place was just under 8 kilos which included a stunning perch, pictured below,



With the warmer weather there is a lot more activity on both lakes, signs of carp topping although they are still weary of floating baits they do take some but often just push it around. Possibly this is simply to keep the angler ammused.

Spring flowers are now starting to show and within a month our woodland will be a mass of colour again another sign of spring is the wonderful bird song no doubt already looking for love.

With the warmer weather there is a lot more activity on both lakes, signs of carp topping although they are still weary of floating baits they do take some but often just push it around. Possibly this is simply to keep the angler ammused.

Spring flowers are now starting to show and within a month our woodland will be a mass of colour again another sign of spring is the wonderful bird song no doubt already looking for love.


February 2020 this month has been particularly quiet due to the storms the country has suffered so I was going to add a few random pictures from the collection to share with you but presently I have issues with the website builder, I will add as soon as the problem is rectified. March is just around the corner and spring will encourage anglers to dust off their fishing gear and venture out again. As a matter of interest the fish are feeding well at the moment and the few anglers that do venture out are all reporting decent catches.

If you require accommodation we have now agreed on terms with the local pub, please contact us for further information.


I have not been able to upload the results of last Sunday's match due to the internet not working. With a very frosty start, some anglers had to wait for the fish to start biting. Ken the eventual winner, on the other hand, was into the carp from the very first cast ending the day with a great bag of carp. I was not given the weight I will post it as soon as I find out.Kirk Trimby has recently forwarded these pictures. They are from a recent January 2020 visit with two of his family members. A lovely brown trout and another quality perch. No doubt the kiss will make it grow.


January 6th 2020

There has been many anglers out over the festive period encouraged by the fine weather some were testing new Christmas presents others simply wanted some fressh air and peace and quiet .

Carp are feeding well even taking some floating bsaits of the top of the water, Silvers are in abundance with maggot being the favoured bait, perch are taking worm and meat on a ledger with the occasional one taking bait in mid water meant for the silvers.

Next match Sunday 8th Decemeber , Pembrokeshire Piscatorial league match.
Colin and another super perch from the top lake last Thursday, he and Mike also caught a number of excellent roaches. Red maggot was the most productive bait on the day.

A chilly but bright November day and one happy angler who on his second vist to the fishery had a good day catching several carp with a mix of pastre and sweetcorn in a feeder and pellet on his hook. The picture below is the third fish of the day.
next match is Pembrokeshire Piscatorials on the 8th December 2019.


Sunday's match was won by Jonathan 19.2 kilos, all carp. Ken was a close second with 16+kilo Third place was 15+kilos. As s consultation prize Mark caught this beautiful mirror carp. Not many silvers caught today and those that were caught tended to be the smaller fish.
The following is the report sent to me from the club.

"Todayís match was blessed with sunshine and almost no wind down at Llyn Carfan, ( now know as Pembrokeshire Coarse fishery.) The day had a slow start with 2 degrees showing on the way with a breakfast buttie in hand. 11 fished with Jonathan Davies winning with 19 kilo Ken came 2nd with 15.65 kilo Paul Ellis3rd with 15.5 ( I think). A mix of methods with Mark Close showing his feeder tactics, most carp where taken feeding micro pellets and either maggot or corn on the hook. Next match is at cwm gof for the 2nd round of Carl Worrall winter league. Brett Kilner has a problem with dissolving floats but he managed to sort it out in the end."



The weather has not been kind to anglers this month with a lot of rain and wind. However on the better days anglers have had fantastic results. Carp are feeding well as Charlie (pictured below) who was on a visit from London will confirm. He caught numourus carp some on folating bait and others on pellet. On one occasion while helping his younger brother his rod got  pulled in but thankfully was able to recover it.
 Geraint forward this picture (perch picture below) and explanation of his recent visit.
"I decided to stick with the Top pond, it proved to be a good decision the baited swim didn't produce the fish I was after. I went walkabout with an ultralight jigging rod....wallop! a wonderful Autumn Perch on a 2" artificial worm!
Thanks again, another great fishing day that'll stay in the memory bank."




My new friend contiues to visit my window each day. He has taken to admiring his reflection the glass, possibly thinks it is a mate and he is trying to impress it or a rival and he is tryng to show he is boss by displaying various poses . Whatever it is enthralling to watch.



 Carp are still feeding happily although the colder evenings has made them a little more tentative while taking the bait.  Some great quality roach and rudd showing and the biggest Perch I had reported to me was 3lb plus.   I thought I would also share this picture of a Kingfisher with you, unusually  he has taken to visiting and admiring itself in my office window.

It has been a busy month catching up on work and on the fishery . Plenty of carp and silvers caught on a daily basis with young anglers catching their first fish be it a silver or a carp , It is one of the biggest pleasures of running a fishery watching the excitment of catching their first ever fish and hope it leads to a life long love of the angling.
The other thing I have heard many times this summer is how "it is wonderful to find a proper fishery again" this is because many anglers are now finding that most fisheries are either all carp orientated or stocked very heavily for match fishing. To find a pleasure fishery that allows you to fish in a natural environment is rare. To catch fish to the standard and quality of the roach, perch and wild carp are an added bonus.
Some of this months photos are added below.



Below is an extract from Facebook. Steffan had decided to visit the fishery following my recent post about fly fishing for carp. As you can see in his post it was a very successful day out.
"Steffan Jones recommends Pembrokeshire Coarse fishing.
25 August at 20:14
Another enjoyable day chasing carp. This time it was Pembrokeshire Coarse fishing that welcomed a fly angler. A few silverfish to begin with on a beetle pattern - they were drowning it before the carp could get near 🙈 back to the drawingboard. Then an absolutely obscene amount of carp on blobs and biscuit immitations. So much sport on such hard fighting fish that I managed to blow my rod up! If I were a rod, thatís how I would want to go! 😂 A big thanks and shout out to Jamie Sandford for his tips 😎🤘🏼"

There has been a number of excellent catches using more traditional methods since my last post and both lakes continue to fish well.


I have seen carp caught by fly at the fishery although several anglers will use floating baits as opposed to flies when using a fly rod.  One such angler took over 20 carp in a single day last week. Both lakes continue to fishexceptionally well with all anglers reporting good catches.
Come along and give it a go both lakes are ideally suited for using a fly rod and fly as there is open banks to work from.

This picture was taken from the Sportfish blog/newsletter


Jonathan was again triumphant in the July match, but this time by just 200 grammes weighing in with17.4 kilos in a match where all bar one of the contestants weighed in with bags of over 10 kilos.
During the whole of July, anglers have been enjoying good catches from both lakes the traditional wild carp are in excellent condition at this time of year giving anglers a lot of sport. Those using lighter tackle are more productive but it requires skill to land the fish particularly if your fishing near the lily beds. It has been a pleasure to see some young anglers trying angling for the first time. The two boys in the photograph had never been fishing before but with some expert advice from the fishery owner, they were soon on their way catching the smaller carp. 
The abundance of bird and wildlife that surrounds this fishery is another reason to visit Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery




The fishing has been excellent over the last few weeks carp are feeding well and  the silvers are plentiful. Maggots are an useful bait to have but be warned, during the recent hot summer weather they can also attract shoals of the smaller fish into the swim. This is not a bad thing as the larger roach, rudd and carp will also follow but you will need to use bigger and possibly a harder bait to avoid the small ones getting to it first.
The pictures are of Charlie on a visit from London to visit his Granddad having another excellent day at the fishery.
Best carp from the last couple of weeks was caught by Dave on a night stint who took a common of 19lbs +
There will be a Pembrokeshire Piscatorial match on the bottom lake this Sunday 21st July . Top lake will be open to the public as normal.




Excellent fishing over the past two weeks with plenty of carp being caught. Marc who did a couple of 24 hour stints was kept busy all night on both occasions , his largest carp was 13.5 lbs and as these are genuine wild carp he had a battle on his hands to land it. As normal at thsi fishery the roach and rudd are plentiful with some very decent size fish being caught. Perch are now beng l;anded on teh top lake of 2.5lb plus.
If your staying in the south of Pembrokeshire and require some bait or additional tackle J&Ms tackle at Pembroke Dock will be able to sort you out. 



A night fishing session was successful for two recent anglers with a busy night 17 carp in total. Given that the weather was not behaving and they had heavy rain through most of the night, the tactic of feeding an area earlier in the evening and using a mixture of hook baits , certainly worked on this occasion.  Other anglers are reporting good fishing, all are impressed with the quailty and fight these naturally bred wild carp are producing. 

A recent report placed on Facebook by Brett who fished a recent Pembrokeshire Piscatorial club Match at this venue.
Pembrokeshire Coarse Fishery today for a club match
Drew peg 4, not bad peg water in front of me bank either side of me and slope behind so thought it best to fish in the water, it did look like that's where the fish will be.
I set up 3 lines.
1.Asda washing line and Sainsbury's bent pin no 6 hook
2. Some other line with a bent metal thing
3. Definitely more rope with size summit hook.
I started off slow rain was pouring wind was blowing fish were swimming just nowhere near my bait. So I decided to go with the Asda washing line and bent pin on the inside where  I pretty much caught all my swimmy things giving me a total of
11kg 4g and  2nd place and in the money (yes Chris Kidd you heard right 2nd)
One thing I will say is DO NOT USE MIDY HIVIZ LINE ITS SHIT lost 2 floats and good fish because of snap ups.
(Huw say's, to be fair we do have hard fighting wild carp here so maybe it was not the line but decent fish?)

Although angling is not all about catching fish or competitions.The natural surroundings and additional wildlife and bird song can also be enjoyed and is something this fishery has in abundance. Watching a busy bee enjoying feeding from a foxglove is a true moment of mindfulness.




he Fishing over the past month has been very good on the whole with good numbers of carp being caught up to 15lbs. Plenty of silvers showing where large bags could be produced. What has been far more temperamental with practically every season rolled into the month, well ok it did not snow but!
Carp are starting to spawn but that did not stop Trish catching 25 on Saturday during fairly warm sunny conditions. Some were taken on floating dog biscuit others using a float with not to much weight attached just enough to cock the float and sink the bait . The woodland is looking at it's best with blue bells in full bloom and lots of bird song to admire.


The Pembrokeshire Piscatorial match anglers braved a very cold wind here today, but their efforts were well rewarded with over a 100 kilos of fish caught by just 6 anglers. Jonathan led the way with 34. kilos Ken pushed him hard with just under 30 kilos. As usual, all the fish were in excellent condition and were still feeding and being caught right up to the end of the match.




Early spring has encouraged the fish to feed and all species are being caught in good numbers. Malcolm and Spence down from Liverpool for a few days had a brilliant first day over 20 wild carp between them, up to 12lbs. Colin caught this lovely perch from the bottom lake on Friday. The gentleman in the photograph with the carp caught four within the first 90 minutes of his first visit here this being one of the smaller ones. I think he will be back.


The Pembrokeshire Piscatorioal  match that was postponed due to the weather  last week will be held this Sunday 100th March 2019, usual format those who are not fishing the match please use the top lake.
The carp are feeding well at the moment plenty of movment in the water so hopefully  Sunday match anglers will have a great day.


t was a good day for two Swansea anglers. The both caught a double figure carp each withing the first hour of their Sunday session. The fishing remained good throughout the day, switching between using a pole and then a ledger rod while using a variety of baits paid dividends and both ended up with over 60lb of fish each.

Happy New year all. Some good fishing at the moment. Weather has been kind to us over the festive season. All species of fish being caught and the wayward perch who found their way into the top lake are certainly putting on the weight a few have been caught recently at 2.5lbs . Next Pembrokeshire Piscatorial Match will be on Sunday 20th
Also some interesing wild life about at this time of year!